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  General Rules
The allotment of an individual who fails to take possession of the units for three months after expiry of the notice period (inspite of making payment of following overhead charges per month or part thereof), shall be liable to be cancelled by the Soldier Housing Welfare Organization-India. Under special circumstances, such an allottee may approach the Chairman / Vice-Chairman  Soldier Housing Welfare Organization  for an extension of this period which may be granted by the  as a special case for additional period, not exceeding three months. The following penalty will be imposed:-

(i) Rs. 1000 p.m. for plots
(ii) Rs. 2000 p.m. for flats
(iii) Rs 3000 p.m for cottages
(iv) Rs 4000 p.m for Farm Houses
(v) Rs 1000 p.m for Hostels, guest houses / service apartments

In the event of a beneficiary failing to take physical possession of the unit within 12 months of issue of the final call up letter, inspite of having paid the maintenance charges as above, the possession shall be given from the Soldier Housing Welfare Organization Main Office only, and not from the site office, on ‘as is-where is’ basis. Further, in such a case any request for repairs, defect rectification etc will not be entertained.

The beneficiary, who takes possession  late will, however, be obliged to pay to the concerned Residents Association/ Society,/ developer the monthly up-keep & maintenance charges, as levied by it w.e.f. the date made applicable by the Resident’s Association or the date of allotment, whichever is earlier.
(a) Joint applicant(s) permitted after allotment of unit.
(b) Joint applicant(s) permitted at the time of execution of Transfer Deed in favour of a beneficiary, he/she will have the option to  register the dwelling unit in his/her own name, or jointly register it with one or two relations out of the under mentioned:

  • Wife/Husband
  • Son/sons, daughter/ daughters, including legally adopted children
  • Parents/ Brother/Sister (in case of widows without children
    In the event of the death of the beneficiary before the unit is taken over, his/her spouse or dependent children, whoever has been shown as the nominee in the Application, will be eligible to continue in the Scheme and to avail of the benefits under the Scheme.
    (a) Prior permission of Soldier Housing Welfare Organization / NOC in writing is mandatory for Sale/Transfer of a Unit .
    (b) There is no restriction on sale of units after the possession has been taken over by the beneficiary and all legal formalities have been completed.
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